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 Katsu's Story

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Mystic Moon Shadow Ninja

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PostSubject: Katsu's Story   Tue Jan 25, 2011 9:16 pm

This is my Naruto OC's story. Here is chapter 1, let me know what you think and also when you want chapter 2 up. Because I have the next one already to go. Anyways here it is.

Katsu’s P.O.V.

I was running through a forest. I couldn’t see much around me because of the morning mist and the smoke clouding my vision. I kept running and running farther away from something far off behind me. The farther I was away from that thing the better. I didn’t know how long I had been running for but I couldn’t stop running. Fear had crippled my insides, the only thing keeping me going was the will to survive. I was running so fast that I didn’t notice the rock ahead of me and tripped landing face forwards. I tried getting up but my insides burned and my lungs were on fire. My vision started going blurry as I tried to make out two shadowy figures coming forward towards me. I made them out to be two men and saw the Leaf Village symbol on their headbands. They approached me and looked down at me as I was moments away from falling into darkness.

Man 1: Who do you think this person is?
Man 2: I don’t know. I don’t see a symbol on her anywhere.
Man 1 looked at Man 2: We better take her back to the Village so the Hokage can interrogate her and decide what to do with her.
I blanked out and passed out into darkness.

When I woke up, I found myself laying in a bed in a room with white floors and ceilings. I sat up and looked around dazed. Just where was I? That’s when an old man and two men came into my room. I looked at them frightened and scared. What were they going to do to me? The old man came forward and stood at my beside looking down at me.

“Now child how are you feeling?”, asked the old man.
I couldn’t speak, I was too shocked and frightened by everything around me. And these strange people around me made me feel scared.
“I see. Well I’m Lord Hokage. This is my village you are in right now. I’m the leader and these are my people. They will not harm you in anyway. They are kind and will help you if you ask for it.”, he said kindly.
I just stared at the old man.
“If you need someone to talk to, I’m here.”, he said.
He turned to leave the room with the two men when he looked over at his shoulder at me.
“Someone will be sent to get you in awhile to bring you to me so I can ask you some questions.”
He turned and left the room with the two men, closing the door on their way out.
I held my hand up and clenched it. I was restored to full strength. I looked my body over and saw that I didn’t have any scratches or bruises or injuries, not a single one. That was strange I was sure I had scratched myself on branches while running through the forest. That was when I felt a sharp stab of pain in my head. I put my hand on my head and clenched my teeth. It was happening again, the dreams were coming back. I didn’t know what they were but they always ended up me being chased by this masked dark figure with a red and black eye swirling like crazy. It was at that point that I always woke up with my body covered in sweat. I couldn’t seem to remember where I came from or where I was born. I only thing I know is that my name is Katsu, as that’s what people have always called me. But what was I doing here? In this hospital, in this village? What’s going to happen to me? *sigh* I laid back down and rested my body. I couldn’t go back to sleep, in fear of having that dream again.

Awhile later, a nurse came to get me and made sure I was dressed in the set of clothes the nurse gave me. Which was an army green t-shirt with black pants that were held up by wrappings. I was also given a pair of blue ninja shoes. Once I was dressed, the nurse led me out of the room, down the hall, around the corner, down another hallway, down a set of stairs, through the lobby, out the front doors, down a bunch of streets to a building. The nurse led me inside the building, pass the main office to a empty room. I was seated on a chair placed in the middle of the room. The nurse left the room while the old man, two different men and another man with a scary demeanour came into the room. They gathered around me and looked down at me.

Scary Man: Is this her?
Old Man: Yes. She was found alone in a forest near Konoha. And she didn’t have any scratches or injuries when we found her but she was passed out so we put her to bed to rest.
Scary Man: I see.
Man 1: Back to the Past Jutsu!

I felt the man trying to get inside my mind to see my thoughts and dreams and that’s when I felt a white light blocking my mind from the man trying to enter my mind. The light got bigger and man was thrown backwards into the back wall. I realized that I had done something without knowing how I had done it. I looked down, shocked at myself.

The man got up and walked back over to the others.

Man 1: What was that?
Man 2: It sure was frightening.
Scary Man: Something is preventing us from seeing into her mind. Like there’s some kind of block put there on purpose so we can’t learn anything about her. What are we to do with her?
Old Man: Well she’s most likely an orphan with amnesia. She can’t seem to remember anything about her past or where she came from. We could try asking questions.
Scary Man: Very well . Let the interrogation begin.
The Old Man kneeled down so he was at my eye level. I lifted my head to the side to see the two men writing some things down while the Scary Man just stood and observed.
Old Man: Now…
I turned my attention back to the Old Man.
Old Man: I’m Lord Hokage. What’s your name?
Me: Katsu.
Old Man smiled at me, “Okay Katsu where were you born?”
Me: I-I don’t remember.
Old Man: Try.
I started getting frustrated, ”I-I can’t!”
Old Man, “Okay calm down. Now I’ll ask you some more questions. Try and answer them as best as you can.”
I nodded, “Okay.”
The Old Man continued asking me more questions. I couldn’t answer the questions right because I didn’t know the answers. Something was preventing me from remembering.

The Scary Man looked to be getting angry with each question I couldn’t answer right to. Finally the Scary Man pushed aside the Old Man and put his hand on my head and I felt my head being infused with a lot of energy as he tried to get past the block in my mind. The man suddenly saw a dark shadow rising from behind me and sensed a dark energy. He suddenly removed his hand from my head and stumbled backwards. His mouth hanging open as the dark shadow and energy disappeared. I started breathing heavily and fell forwards off the chair onto the ground. I tried getting up as I felt my body and mind slowly taken over by a dark force. I couldn’t think for myself and I could no longer control my own body.

Hokage’s P.O.V.

Katsu had fallen off the chair and was now transforming into something. The dark energy waves coming from her were astounding. We all stepped back as a black cloak covered her body and took the shape of something. Once the transformation had stopped, I saw that Katsu had taken on a different shape. It was a black tiger with 3 tails. I knew immediately that Katsu was a Jinchuriki. Only Jinchuriki could take on the appearance and transform into their resonating beast sealed inside them. But what biju could this possibly be? It looks to be a tiger demon from the shape that Katsu’s body has taken but how many tails could it have? That’s when I noticed that the eyes of the beast were now Sharingan with 3 tomoe. What is this? Is she a Uchiha? Then a dark shadow rose from the beast, it had one Sharingan eye with 3 tomoe. The voice of the dark shadow spoke through the beast’s mouth’s.

“Do not attempt to get into my mind or the village will be in peril. You have experienced before you the Ten-Tailed Tiger Demon. Do not anger me again or you will experience the true power of the demon when your village is crushed by it. The Tiger Demon. You have been warned.”

The shadow disappeared, and the shape of the black tiger faded away leaving Katsu laying on the ground, passed out. I immediately went to her and quickly examined her state. I called for a medic stat. The nurse that had brought Katsu here earlier immediately came into the room, and examined Katsu. I had her left on standby just outside the door in case anything happened. That’s when the nurse called me over.

“What is it?”, I asked.
The nurse titled Katsu’s head so I could look at her eyes. The Sharingan was fading away as her eyes returned to her normal black.
“What does this mean?”, asked the nurse frantically.
“It means…that…,” I looked back at Katsu, “She’s an Uchiha. Though I don’t know where she came from. I know all the Uchiha listed and I have never seen her listed or in person. She must be from somewhere else, but where? One thing is for sure, her parents were Uchiha or one of them. I’m not quite sure.”
The nurse looked at me while I looked down at Katsu, “What must we do?”
“First.” I said. “We need to get her back to the hospital to rest. Then go through the records of the Uchiha to have a throughout look to see if we can find where Katsu came from and where her parents are and if they are alive or not.”
Nurse: Understood sir.
The Nurse picked Katsu up and took her back to the hospital while I went to my two Tobukon Jonin to give them orders. Dig up all records having to do with the Uchiha and look through them to see if they come up with anything in connection to Katsu Uchiha. They nodded, and left the room to follow their orders. I then went over to Ibiki and told him that his job was done here. Just as I was leaving the room, Ibiki spoke up.

“What about the girl?”
I closed my eyes and smiled, “We did as best we could but she needs her rest now.”
Ibiki: But--
Ibiki: Huh?
“Don’t bother trying to get in her mind or ask questions. If you do, you’ll be to blame for the Village’s downfall if its destroyed. Now you don’t want that to happen now do you?”, I asked.
Ibiki gasped and then went silent.
“I thought so. For now leave her to rest and the rest of this case to me.”, I said.
Ibiki gave me a nod and a grunt.
I left the room, and the building to go back to my office to see if they came up with anything.

Katsu’s P.O.V.

I woke up feeling dizzy and sat up and looked around dazed. I found myself back in the room resting. What had happened? I remember falling off the chair and then…and then what? I couldn’t seem to remember anything after that. I held my head with my hand. I felt remnants of pain coursing through my head. I shook my head lightly from side-to-side to get rid of the traces of pain still left over from whatever happened that I can’t seem to remember. That’s when the same nurse as before came over to my bed quickly.

Nurse: Stop! You’ll only make the pain worse.
I stopped shaking my head and looked at the nurse: Huh? What are you talking about? My head feels fine now.
The Nurse examined my forehead and learned that any traces of pain seemed to be gone.
“You sure you feel nothing?”, she asked me while feeling my forehead for anything abnormal.
“Yes. I’m sure.” I answered.
The Nurse removed her hand and looked me. Debating to believe me or not.
“When I am I getting out of here?”, I asked.
“I don’t know. Whenever Sarutobi-sensei decides.”, she replied.
I stared at her wide-eyed, “The Old Man is your teacher?”
The nurse giggled, “Yes. But he is known as Lord Hokage. After all, he is the leader of the Hidden Leaf Village.”
“I’m in the Hidden Leaf Village?”, I asked.
“Yes.”, replied the Nurse, “And by the way my name is Tsunade. I work here at the hospital sometimes.”
I stared at her, “Does that make you a ninja?”
Tsunade laughed again, “Yes but I’m a special ninja. I help take care of and cure people who are injured and end up in the hospital. I’m a medic ninja.”
I smiled, “Cool.”
Tsunade, “Its not always cool. Especially out there on the battlefield where they are a lot of people injured and killed.”
I bowed by head, “Oh I’m so sorry.”
Tsunade, “Its okay.”
I lifted my head and looked at her.
Tsunade, “I do whatever I can to help those people who are injured and recovering.”
“Sounds like you have an important job.”
Tsunade smiled and gave me a nod, “I do.”
Tsunade and I turned our head to see Lord Hokage standing in the doorway.

Tsunade, “Sarutobi-sensei!”
Hokage, “Tsunade you have been here working here all night. You need your rest. Go home. I already have someone to take your place while you are at home resting.”
Tsunade stood up and took a strong stance, “But the patients--”
Hokage, “Will be tended to by the other nurses here and the one I have filling in for you when your gone. Now go home and get some rest.”
Tsunade, “But--”
Hokage, “You have already done so much for the patients for today. You’ll need your full strength for your next shift at the hospital.”
Tsunade relaxed, “Okay. But who is taking my place?”
Hokage, “Dan.”
Tsunade smiled, “Okay!”
Tsunade turned to me, “I have to go but I’ll see you soon, okay?”
I smiled, “Okay.”
Tsunade gave me a brief nod before leaving the room.
The Hokage then looked at me and asked, “How would you like to get out of here and get something to eat?”
I gave the Hokage a goofy kid’s smile, “Oh boy!”
I leaped out of bed and grabbed the Hokage’s wrinkled old hand as he led my down the hallway, out of the hospital and into the streets.
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PostSubject: Re: Katsu's Story   Tue Jan 25, 2011 9:21 pm

awsome story so far

Edit. Stickyed thread because its awesome

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Mystic Moon Shadow Ninja

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PostSubject: Re: Katsu's Story   Tue Jan 25, 2011 9:23 pm

thank you! Do you want chapter 2 up to read?
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PostSubject: Re: Katsu's Story   Tue Jan 25, 2011 9:24 pm

sure whenever u want to do it

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Mystic Moon Shadow Ninja

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PostSubject: Re: Katsu's Story   Tue Jan 25, 2011 9:30 pm

Here's chapter 2

The Hokage led me to a small shop. We ducked under the banners and were inside. I smelled a wonderful aroma. The Hokage sat me down on a stool and then took a seat beside me. He ordered from the shop.

Hokage, “Two bowls of miso ramen please.”
“Right away.”, said the chef and went to prepare our dishes.
Soon the food was ready and placed in front of us. I didn’t know what the food was but it smelled great! The Hokage handed me a pair of chopsticks which I took and watched as he ate. I soon picked up my chopsticks and started eating the noodles with the toppings. It was delicious! The best thing I had ever tasted!
The Hokage saw me enjoying the food.

“Like it?”, he asked.
I looked at the Hokage, “Huh?”
He smiled, “The ramen. Do you like it?”
I smiled happily, “Yes it’s the best thing that I ever tasted!”
Hokage: Good. Good. Huh?
I turned my head to see what had caught Lord Hokage’s attention.
“Oh Lord Hokage I didn’t know you would be here.”
I saw a husky man with spiky silver hair on top and a long ponytail trailing down his back. I also saw a tanto held on his back.
Hokage: Its alright. Take a seat my friend and I’ll order you some ramen. My treat.
“Are you sure?”, asked the husky man.
Hokage, “Yes its quite alright. Come in. Come in. And sit down.”
The husky man smiled, “Well alright but I hope you don’t mind feeding one more mouth.”
He moved aside to reveal a boy about my age. He looked like a miniature version of the man. He had spiky silver hair and a blue training outfit on. What struck me most about him was his lazy gaze that lured me in.
The Hokage looked and smiled at the boy, “Why not! The more the merrier!”
“Thanks!” replied the husky man.
The boy sat beside me while the man sat on the boy’s other side.
Hokage: Teuchi! Two more bowls of ramen for my friends here.
Teuchi turned and looked at the man and the boy, “What’ll be?”
“One bowl of beef ramen and one bowl of eggplant ramen here for my son.”, said the husky man.
Teuchi: Coming right up.
Then went to make their orders.
So, I thought. That boy was the son of the man. No wonder, they look alike.
Hokage: So Sakumo how are you on his fine day?
Sakumo: Just fine Lord Hokage. Me and my son Kakashi just came back from the Training Field. He’ll be entering the Ninja Academy in a matter of weeks and I want him to be on top of his game.
He placed a hand on his son’s hair, his son looked back at his father in admiration.
Hokage: I see.
Then Sakumo turned his attention to me.
Sakumo: And who are you little girl?
I grew irritated and crossed my arms across my chest, “I’m not little and the name is Katsu!”
Sakumo laughed and then smiled at me, “Well then Katsu, where do you come from? I know all the kids faces around here and I have not once seen yours.”
Lord Hokage spoke up, “We don’t know where she came from. She was found alone in a forest near the village when we found her. There was no markings or anything to tell us where she came from.”
Sakumo looked at Lord Hokage, “Did you ask her questions?”
Lord Hokage looked down, “Yes but even that didn’t go very far…”
Sakumo: What does that mean?
Lord Hokage: I’ll tell you later.
Sakumo nodded and continued talking with Lord Hokage. I turned to the boy, who was looking down at his untouched ramen.
I smiled at him, “Hey there. I’m Katsu. What’s your name?”
The boy looked at me, “Kakashi Hatake.”
I beamed, “Well its nice to meet you Kakashi.”
He stared at me, “Y-Yeah its great to meet you too.”
“So what’s this Ninja Academy your father was talking about?”, I asked.
Kakashi explained, “Its where you learn all the necessary skills and techniques to become a ninja.”
My eyes widened, “You’re a ninja?”
Kakashi: I will be once I graduate from the academy.
Me: That’s so cool. So you were born in this village?
Kakashi: Yep and--
Sakumo interrupted the conversation, “Kakashi why don’t you take Katsu on a tour around the village. I need to talk to Lord Hokage about some things.”
Kakashi looked up at his father, “Really?”
Sakumo: I think you know your way around the village to show her around.
Kakashi: Gee. Thanks dad!
Sakumo: Now get going. I’ll meet you back at the Hokage’s Mansion before suppertime.
Kakashi nodded, “Okay.”
We jumped off out stools and Kakashi turned to me.
Kakashi: Lets go!
I gave him a nod, “Okay!”
Kakashi turned to his father, “I’ll see ya later father.”
Sakumo gave his son a nod, “Right.”
Kakashi grabbed my hand and then ran into the streets of the busy village while dragging me along behind him.
“Wait Kakashi! Slow down!” I yelled.
He stopped running and then looked over his shoulder at me, “Oh sorry.”
Me: That’s okay but can we walk from now on?
Kakashi smiled at me, “Sure.”
I sighed with relief and followed Kakashi around the village as he pointed out people, things and buildings. He showed me everywhere in the village. Pointing out various coffee and tea shops, bookstores, shops, flower shops and pointing out the Ninja Academy where he would be going in a few weeks. He also showed me the various Training Fields and parts of the some of the nearby forests. He eventually led me up to a small hill with a sakura tree and a bench underneath it. He gestured for me to sit on the bench, I did while he sat down beside me as we watched the sunset on the horizon. The wind blew leaves around us. I looked out at the gorgeous sunset. It was beautifully breath taking. I turned to Kakashi.

“Thanks for showing me around today. I had fun!”
Kakashi looked back at me, “Your welcome.”
We faced the sunset again and just sat there in silence looking at the sunset. After awhile, darkness was starting to creep in. Kakashi turned to me.

Kakashi: We better get back.
I nodded and followed Kakashi back down the hill and into the village.

We arrived at the Hokage’s mansion just in time. Lord Hokage and Kakashi’s father were standing outside waiting for us.

“Did we make it?”, I asked.
Sakumo: Just in time.
Me: Good.
Sakumo turned to Lord Hokage, “We’ll be on our way now.”
Lord Hokage: Yes it was good talking to my old friend. Good night.
Sakumo gave the Hokage a nod and then looked at me and then back at the Hokage.
Sakumo: Lord Hokage. What about Katsu?
Lord Hokage thought, “Hmm. Hadn’t really thought about that.”
Sakumo: Well she can come stay at my place tonight and I’ll bring her back to you in the morning.
Lord Hokage was shocked by the offer, “Sakumo you don’t need to do that. I don’t want to put a burden like this on your hands.”
Sakumo stood up proud with his hands on his hips, “Its quite alright. I’m just repaying you for paying for mine and Kakashi’s ramen earlier today. Besides one more toddler is not going to hurt. Just leave everything to me. I am a father after all.”
Lord Hokage: Yes. Yes. But a man of your status looking after a--”
Sakumo waved away the thought, “Its fine Lord Hokage. Not a problem for me at all.”
Lord Hokage: Well if you say so…”
Sakumo: It is.
Sakumo crouched down to my level, “You’ll be staying with me and Kakashi for tonight. Okay?”
I grinned, “Okay!”
Sakumo stood up and gave Lord Hokage a nod, “Were off.”
Then started walking away with Kakashi. I looked over my shoulder at Lord Hokage who waved at me, I smiled and ran to catch up to Kakashi and his father.

We soon arrived at a house that looked huge from my perspective because I was so little and it was so big. Sakumo led us inside where he instructed us to take out shoes off. I sat down, undid the straps on my shoes and took them off. I stood up and looked at Sakumo. He told me to follow him so he could show me around. Off to the left was the sitting room/kitchen. To the right was a spare room. Then he led me up the stairs which led up the left wall to the 2nd floor. Two halls split the way, one going to the left and one going to the right. Sakumo’s bedroom was down the left hallway while Kakashi’s was down at the end of the right hallway. He led me to a spare room near Kakashi’s bedroom. He got everything ready for my bed and then tucked me in and said goodnight. He told me that the bathroom was right across the hall in case I needed to use it during the night. He shut the light off and then closed the door behind him.

I snuggled into the covers and pillow and tried going to sleep but couldn’t. I felt scared in a place I had never been in before, let alone slept in. Shadows danced across the walls, the wind howled as I heard scratching noises against the far wall. I shivered in fright, wishing someone would come find me and comfort me. But I knew that Sakumo and Kakashi had probably already gone to bed and I didn’t want to wake them. This reminded me of the nights in the forest when I was alone.


I had curled up under a tree under the night’s blanket while the thunder roared and lighting crackled while rain poured down heavily. I was scared and didn‘t know where I was. So I sat there, curled up under the tree while getting poured on by the rain. The tree’s shade did little to protect me from the rain. I shivered from the coldness in the air as I tried not to go to sleep for fear of having that nightmare again. But the fatigue slowly worked in and sent me off into a nightmare.


I had been walking around in a forest, trying to find something but forgetting what it was. When all a sudden, someone came at me and so I started running. My heart pounded against my chest as my mind raced and energy coursed through my body at top speed. I then tripped and tried to get up but it was too late to do anything. The figure was coming at me in top speed and I didn’t have time to move away. It finally reached me and before I was gone I saw a red and black eye spinning crazily.

That’s when I woke up in a sweat with my mind and heart together racing with fear. I saw that the storm had passed, the sun had come out and was shinning brightly in the morning. I was calmed down a bit by my surroundings and stretched, got up and continued walking through the forest, having no idea where I was going but as long as I was being chased, I had to keep going. Cause if I didn’t, I would be caught and killed by the dark figure.

End of flashback

I wrapped myself in the blankets and hid in them. Curling into a ball as much as I could as I continued shivering from fright. Then a sliver of light poured into the room, I peeked through an opening in the blankets and saw a shadow of someone in the doorway. I hid back under the covers and willed whoever it was to go away. I heard someone’s steps coming my way until they were right beside me and spoke.

“Katsu, are you okay?”

I poked my head from out of the blankets, looked up and saw it was Kakashi from the small amount of light flooding into the room.

“Kakashi? What are you doing in here?” I asked.

Kakashi: I heard you shivering from my room. The walls aren’t concrete you know.
Me: Wha--
Kakashi looked at with me concerned, “Did you have a bad dream or something?”
I sat up, “Yes.”
Kakashi: Do you want to talk about it?
I shook my head, “No.”
Kakashi: Okay then do you want me to stay here until you fall asleep?
I grabbed at Kakashi’s arm and looked at him desperately, “No! Don’t leave me here! I’m too scared to stay in this big room all by myself!”
Kakashi looked my eyes and knew, “Okay then about you stay with me in my room. But just for tonight okay?”
I smiled and nodded, “Okay.”
Kakashi stood up and took my hand. I stood up and followed him to his room, which was across at an angle from the room I was previously staying in. When we got inside I was surprised, his bedroom was big! It had a bed on one side of the room, sticking out from the wall and a desk and chair on the opposite wall with panels of windows on the other wall. He made a bed on the floor beside his bed. I got under the blankets and sighed happily. Kakashi shut off the hallway light and then his bedside lamp. He got into bed and looked down at me.

Kakashi: Good night.
I smiled, “Good night.”
Kakashi turned over and went to sleep, I soon followed suit.
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PostSubject: Re: Katsu's Story   Tue Jan 25, 2011 10:51 pm

good chapter

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PostSubject: Re: Katsu's Story   Tue Jan 25, 2011 10:53 pm

Ooooo I love this, great job kat
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PostSubject: Re: Katsu's Story   Tue Jan 25, 2011 11:15 pm

Want chapter 3? well here is is!

I woke up as the sun’s rays penetrated the windows and hit me on the face. I yawned and sat up. I soon heard Kakashi wakening up too. He sat up and stretched and yawned. He looked at me.

“Ready for some breakfast?”, he asked me.
I nodded, “Yes.”
He got out of his bed and headed out of the room while I got out of my makeshift bed and followed his down the stairs and into the kitchen. There I saw Sakumo making breakfast at the stove. He turned around to us.

Sakumo: Well I hope you two got some sleep so you can eat breakfast.
Me and Kakashi jumped up and down excitedly while shouting, “Yes! Yes! Yes!”
Sakumo looked over his shoulder at us, “Alright. Go sit down. I’ll be there in a minute with your breakfast.”
Me and Kakashi went into the adjoining sitting room where there was a table and chairs. We ate breakfast in there every morning. According to Sakumo, I had been living here for about a month. Until Lord Hokage found where I came from and where he could put me to live permanently I was to stay with Sakumo and Kakashi. It was a temporary fix until he found me a proper home. Since the first night I stayed here, I stayed on the floor in Kakashi’s room. I didn’t like sleeping by myself and having Kakashi near me made me feel less scared. I had looked up to Kakashi like a big brother. And since I have stayed in Kakashi’s room, I haven’t had that nightmare since. I also have had a more comfortable time sleeping on the small mattress that Kakashi had brought in for me to sleep on. It was a lot more comfortable than the wooden floor I was sleeping on.

Sakumo soon brought the food in and we all sat down and ate breakfast while chatting idly. Sakumo cleared the dishes away while Kakashi and me went outside and to the Training Field. I sat on the grass while I watched Kakashi train. He was entering the Ninja Academy in a few months and needed to make sure he was in tip top shape for the academy. I didn’t really get it because I thought the academy taught you that stuff but for some reason Kakashi thought he had to train his butt off before entering the academy. I sighed and rested my chin back in-between my palms while chewing on a blade of grass while I continued to watch him practice some thing called the shuriken jutsu or something like that.

“Can I sit here?”

I turned my head and saw a little girl that looked my age. She had short brown hair and a nervous face.

“Sure.”, I replied.
“Thanks.”, she said as she sat down beside me as we both continued to watch Kakashi train.
“He sure is talented isn’t he?”, said the girl.
“Yeah he’s training for the academy. Though I don’t know why he does it if the academy teaches you that stuff.”
I turned to the girl, “My name is Katsu by the way.”
“Nice to meet you Katsu. My name is Rin.”
“Are you entering the Ninja Academy?”, I asked Rin.
Rin: Yeah I want to help defend the village by becoming a ninja. So in order to do that need to graduate the academy first.
“I see.” I looked forward. “So I guess you’ll be in the academy with Kakashi, huh?”
Rin smiled at me, “Yeah I guess so.”
I then went into a pensive mood and leaned back and looked up at the clouds.
“Well I better be going. I have to be home for lunch.”
I snapped out of my current train of thought and looked up at Rin who was standing up.
Rin: I’ll see you tomorrow morning right here, okay?
I smiled and brought my knees up to my chest and rested my arms on them.
“Okay.” I replied and watched as Rin walked away. I then noticed Kakashi standing over me.
“You ready to head back for lunch?”, he asked.
I stood up and smiled and gave him a nod, “Yes.”
I followed him back to the house where we were eating lunch until Sakumo received a letter from the Hokage. He told us that we were going to the Hokage’s Mansion after lunch because Lord Hokage needed to see us. So after lunch we all headed over to the Hokage’s Mansion.

After Sakumo knocked on the door, we were told to come in. We entered the Hokage’s Office as Sakumo closed the door behind us. We stood there while Lord Hokage sat at his desk looking at us. To the side was a man with short black hair who was dressed in the same basic ninja attire as Sakumo but without the tanto and the sleeve.

Hokage: Thanks for coming. I have some good news. We found Katsu’s father through DNA analysis. While you were staying in the hospital Katsu, we extracted some piece of you to be examined for your DNA. And then we compared it to every single member of the Uchiha clan to find a match. And once we found out who it was, we brought him in for questioning were he admitted the truth. Katsu. The person standing beside me, Keitaro Uchiha, is your father, Katsu Uchiha.
I gasped, “What?”
I hid behind Sakumo and peeked from my hiding place.
“No!”, I screamed. “It can’t be!”
Hokage: I know this is sudden but I’m sure your father will be able to explain everything.
“Can he explain why he left me alone?”, I asked.
Hokage: Yes but it would be better if the two of you talk about it in private where no one else can hear you.
Keitaro offered a hand to me, “Are you ready to go and meet the rest of your family?”
“Does this mean I won’t be staying with Kakashi and his dad any longer?”, I asked fearfully.
Keitaro: Unfortunately but you’ll be coming home where you really belong. And I’m sure you can go over to their place anytime to see them once we get you settled.
Me: But--
Kakashi: Katsu you finally have a place to call home and a family waiting for you there. Its what you always wanted right? And don’t worry. I’ll see you around and we can still hang out together like we do now. So don’t reject this chance, accept it!
I looked at Kakashi in surprise, “Huh!” Then I thought. He was right. This is what I always wanted. A family and place to call home. But will I ever see Kakashi and his father again like he said?
Me: Kakashi.
Kakashi looked at me, “Yes?”
Me: Promise me that we’ll always be friends and that I’ll see you again.
Kakashi: I promise.
I hugged Kakashi and he surprising hugged me back. Kakashi wasn’t the hug type person but to him, I was like a little sister and a best friend. He would miss me as much as I would miss him. But I knew I would see him again because of his promise and Kakashi always kept his promises…well most of the time. But this one promise that he made is very special to him and so he would do everything to keep that promise. He would never forget me and I would never forget him. Best friends till the end and forever and ever.
We pulled away and then Kakashi put his hand behind his back.
“Kakashi-kun.”, I said. “What are you doing?”
He brought out from behind his back, my purple teddy bear, Mr. Beanie. I grabbed it and held it close.
“Mr. Beanie!”, I said excitedly. I looked at Kakashi. “Kakashi, how did you know?”
Kakashi: Well I thought the reason we were called here is because they found your parents. So I brought it along just in case.
I hugged Kakashi again, “Thanks Kakashi! You’re the best!”
I pulled away and looked up at him, “I’ll never forget you ever! Because I have Mr Beanie to remind me of you. Don’t forget that you’re the one that won it for me.”
Kakashi gave me a smile, “I know. Now you better get going so you can meet the rest of your family.”
I nodded and walked over to Sakumo, “Thank you for everything!”
Sakumo kneeled down to my level and looked at me, “Your welcome and our home is always open to you. Come over anytime but let us know ahead of time if your coming over, ‘kay?”
I beamed, “ ’Kay!”
Sakumo gave me a big bear hug and soon let me go. I walked up to my father.
Keitaro looked down at me proud with his hands on his hips, “You ready to go?”
I smiled and nodded, “Yep!”
My father took my hand and lead me out of the room but not before I waved goodbye to Kakashi and his father. My father led me down the hallway, down the stairs, to outside and on the way to my new home.

Father led me through a pair of gates and I saw houses and stores on each side of the streets as we walked. We soon arrived at a house that was same size as the others but had a beautiful garden in the front yard. I looked up at the size of the house, wondering if this was where my home was along with the rest of my family. Father led me up the walk and up the two steps and into my new and pristine home.

The room we stepped into had a sitting area off to the left and a kitchen off to the right. A hallway started at the back of the room and led down until it split off into two other hallways.

I saw a woman come down the hallway to meet us. She had long brown hair and wore a simple dress with an apron tied around her waist.
“Keitaro.”, the woman said. She looked down at me and then back at my father, “Is this her?”
Father closed his eyes and nodded, “Yes this is our daughter.”
The woman brought a hand to her mouth and stepped backwards and fell backwards onto the floor.
“N-No it can’t be!”, she said fearfully.
Keitaro: It is what it is and nothing can change that so--
That’s when I noticed a small boy about my size and age, peeking around the corner of the far hallway. I could see a curious face and short spiky black hair.
The woman sat up and called for the boy, “Obito.”
The little boy ran forward into the woman’s arms as she lifted him up and held him in her arms as she stood up and faced us.
“So what’s your name my dear?”, she said as she looked down at me.
“Katsu.”, I said.
Woman: My that’s a beautiful name. This is your younger brother Obito Uchiha. I’m your mother Midoriko Uchiha and that is your father Keitaro Uchiha. Welcome to the family.

Tears welled up in my eyes and I started crying and threw myself at my mother. She kneeled down and put a comforting arm around me as she cried into her dress. My mother ended up crying too, she put Obito down so she could fully wrap her arms around me and comfort me. Finally! I thought. I had a family and I had a home.

I slowly stopped crying and pulled away from my mother and wiped my tears away with my arm and looked up at her. She put an arm around Obito and looked at me.
Mom: Obito this is your older sister Katsu Uchiha.
Obito grew surprised: Older sister?!
Obito crossed his arms, looked to the side and pouted.
Mom: Now Obito. Didn’t you always want someone to play with?
Obito peeked one eye at me and then glomped me.
Obito: Onee-chan!
I smiled and hugged my younger brother back, “Otouto-san!”
I pulled away and looked at my new adorable little brother. He had father’s looks while I had mother’s looks. Finally I would have someone to boss around and be the older sibling. But I knew from the start that we would have a great relationship. I looked up at mom.
“Kasen.”, I said.
Mom: Yes?
“I’m wondering where I will be staying while I live here.”, I asked.
Mom stood up and went into a thinking pose, “Hadn’t really thought about that.” She looked back down at us. “I suppose you can stay in Obito’s room and share his room. You two are brother and sister after all.”
I jumped up and screamed, “Yes!”
Mom smiled, “Well then. I’ll show you to the room you will be sharing with Obito.”
Mom walked down the hallway and stopped at the only door on the left. We followed her and she opened the door. Inside was a futon and a pillow and a blanket in the centre of the room. There was a dresser which stood against the far wall, underneath the window. And a toy box in the far corner which was where a closet was.
Mom: I know it doesn’t look like much but we’ll go shopping to get you some new clothes and toys.
I looked up at mom and smiled, “Awesome!”
I jumped onto the medium-sized futon and Obito soon followed suit as we both bounced up and down on it and then got tired and kneeled on it.
Mom: That bed should be big enough for the both of you until we get a bigger futon or a different futon for Katsu.
I looked up at mom, “Naw that’s okay mom. I don’t mind sharing a bed with Obito. Honest.”
Mom: Well okay but things are going to change once you two get bigger.
I looked at mom and then back at Obito, “That’s okay. So until then. I don’t mind sharing a room and bed with Obito. Not one bit.”
I smiled at Obito as he cuddled in my arms and looked up at me in admiration.
Mom: Well then. I’ll let you know when its time for dinner.
“ ‘Kay.”, I said without looking up from Obito who had started to play with my fingers.
Mom left the room so me and Obito could to play together and get to know each other better. I had a feeling I would have a wonderful relationship with my newfound baby brother, Obito Uchiha.
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PostSubject: Re: Katsu's Story   Tue Jan 25, 2011 11:18 pm

another good chapter *_* so epic also go the chat and clubs for a sec kat

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PostSubject: Re: Katsu's Story   Tue Jan 25, 2011 11:24 pm

i saw thanks a lot dad!! Well what do you think about the family I chose for my OC? Didn't see that coming did ya?
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no i didnt

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PostSubject: Re: Katsu's Story   Wed Jan 26, 2011 12:12 am

okayz im taking a break before posting the next chapter, the last chapter i actually have already written lolz
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lol good job so far

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thank you ^^
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take as much time as u need then wright more id hate to see the story half finished

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its actually only at the start its not even a quarter through yet cause i have to talk about how she came to the village and how she grow up part, thats important to write, no?
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yes thats important

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Can you make another section for other fanfiction that is not naruto, supernatural, and bleach etc.?
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i already did

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thank you
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not a problem

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PostSubject: Re: Katsu's Story   Sun Jun 05, 2011 11:54 pm

Chapter 4

The next few months I adjusted to living in a new house with a new family, my family, my real family.

I continued to see Kakashi and his father and my new best friend Rin. I soon turned 4 years old, and a month later, my brother Obito turned 4 too.

My father soon started to train my brother Obito as he wanted Obito to be ready when he entered the Ninja Academy. He wanted Obito to grow up to be a great ninja like him. And that’s just what Obito wanted, he wanted with all his might to be strong like father. So Obito trained with all his might.

I would watch father and brother train and began to be captivated by everything, their training, their endurance and determination. I soon decided to join father and brother’s training.

Father was most surprised when I told him I wanted to join their training and that I wanted to enter the Ninja Academy too. Mother didn’t want me to enter, saying that it would be too dangerous but I told Mother that I needed adventure in my life and being a ninja would give me that. I also wanted to protect my village from any threats. Father convinced Mother to allow me and to just watch what I can do. Father saw something in me, he saw the potential I had to become a great ninja like him.

So the next day, I started to train with my father and brother, since Father wanted me to dedicate all my time to training, I stopped seeing my friends. It seemed unfair but I needed to be fit when I started at the academy. And on top of my game.

Father would sometimes get stressed with Obito, because he couldn’t nail a simple practice task right away, but I would always cheer on my brother and keep encouraging him to keep trying. Obito did the same for me, I drove him, he drove me.

Soon the Opening Day of the Ninja Academy came and I was ready, but I was a bit nervous, I think my brother was more nervous than me, he had done well enough in training but felt inferior to me. I just told my brother to have some confidence, he hadn’t worked his butt off to come this far and to just give up. I think that boosted his spirit as he had a determined look in his eyes all the sudden.

We entered into the academy and into the classroom. I saw some people sitting and others standing around. That’s when I noticed a familiar face sitting away from the rest of the kids. They were looking away and had their chin resting on their palm. I ran up the isle and stood at the edge, and smiled.

“Hey Kakashi. Been a long time huh?”

The boy turned his head and saw me, his eyes went wide, “Katsu!”

I giggled and smiled again, “How have you been Kakashi?”

Kakashi, “Uh…fine but what are you doing here?”

“Attending the Ninja Academy. I became so inspired to become a ninja by watching my father and brother train that I decided to attend the academy with my brother.”

Kakashi looked at me with a bored expression, “What brother?”

“This brother.”, I stepped aside and introduced my brother, “This is Obito Uchiha, my younger brother.”

Obito looked at me annoyed, “By one month.”

I leaned forward, putting my hands on my hips, “Still doesn’t change the fact that I’m older.”

Obito crossed his arms and turned to the side annoyed, “Whatever.”

I laughed at my brother.


I recognized that voice. I turned around and embraced the person, “Rin!”

Rin hugged me back, “Katsu!”

I pulled away, we both looked at each other happily.
Rin, “Katsu what are you doing here?”

“Same reason you are here.”

Rin smiled, “Well I’m so glad you are here. I missed you!”

“Me too Rin.”

Then I glanced to the side and saw my brother still pissed off at me. I turned back to Rin.
“Rin there is someone I would like you to meet.”

Rin looked past me, “Who?”

I walked over to my brother and put an arm around him and steered him in Rin’s direction.

“Rin this is my brother, Obito Uchiha. Obito this is Rin.”

Rin smiled at Obito and clasped her hands behind her back, “Nice to meet you Obito.”

Obito, “Huh?”

He looked up and saw the girl, he was blown away by her beauty and her sudden kindness to him. He blushed slightly.

I noticed and giggled. “Obito are you just going to stand there all day staring at Rin?”

Obito gulped and stuttered, “S-Sorry. Nice to m-meet you uh…R-Rin.”

He held out his hand, she smiled and shook it, “You too Obito.”

Obito stood there, completely enamoured with her. Then I looked over my shoulder and saw Kakashi looking back at me, I smiled. Rin noticed who I was looking at and stopped shaking Obito’s hand.

Rin, “What do you know. Kakashi is here too.”

She giggled and ran over to where Kakashi was sitting. Obito noticed and just stood there in shock which then turned to anger. I followed Rin as Obito followed behind me.

“Hey Kakashi.”

Kakashi looked at me, “Yes Katsu?”

“I’d like you to meet a friend of mine her name is Rin.” I gestured to the person standing beside me.

Kakashi noticed her and said with an boring expression, “Oh hey.”

“H-Hey.” said Rin who went completely fan girl over Kakashi.

“This is great isn’t it?, I said cheerfully as Obito came up the steps to join us. “We are all in the same class together. It will be great getting to know each other. I missed hanging out with you, Rin and Kakashi.”

Rin smiled, “Yeah I know and--wait what?”, she got angry. “When did you hang out with Kakashi?”

“When I first came to the village. I stayed with Kakashi and his father. But then my real family was found and I went to live with them. But I haven’t seen or talked with Kakashi for a few months cause I have been busy with training. But I missed you both the same. You guys are my friends.”

Rin looked at me angrily, “I’m not buying it. Why I bet you like Kakashi as more than a friend if you spent that much time with him. And you stayed at his house! That’s it! Katsu Uchiha! We are no longer friends! We are rivals from now on! I won’t lose to you. I will get Kakashi no matter what! You can count on that!”

I was shocked and surprised, “Wait Rin. You got it all wrong. Kakashi and I are just--”
“Enough! I don’t want to hear anymore excuses! I know what’s what so let the games begin Katsu.”

And with that, she walked away and sat down far away from me. I was so shocked and hurt at Rin’s outbreak.

I can’t believe it!

She was assuming things that weren’t true!

Kakashi and I were just friends.

I can’t believe she would ever think we were ever more than that.

But I knew that whatever I said wouldn’t change her mind, once Rin was set on something, it was hard to convince her otherwise.

I didn’t know what to do, I couldn’t think to do anything at the moment but cry. I soon exploded in tears and buried my face in my hands. I felt Obito put a comforting arm around my shoulders, then the teacher soon came in and Obito led me to a seat beside Kakashi, since there was nowhere else to sit and because once the teacher came into the classroom, everyone had to sit down.

I was still in tears and crying and had my face buried when the teacher came in and started introducing himself. I was crying so much that the teacher asked me to leave the classroom for a few minutes and to come back when I stopped crying and was calmer. Obito followed me out the door and into the hallway.

Once we were down the hallway and the classroom door was closed. I leaned back against the wall and slid down it until my butt hit the floor. I curled into a ball and started to bawl tears all over again!

Why? Why did Rin have to go and say that? Why?

I felt Obito sit down next to me and put a comforting arm around my shoulders.

“Katsu. You shouldn’t be crying over her, she isn’t worth it. If she really was your friend she wouldn’t have done what she did in the room back there. Please don’t cry sister. When you are sad, it makes me sad.”

I raised my head, dried my tears and smiled up at my brother, “Arigato Obito.”

“That’s what I’m here for niee-san.”

I hugged my brother and then got up, my brother following me back to the classroom.
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this story sucks Jk JK
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Katsu's Story
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